Behind Amanda

In 2011 our creative studio and Alter ego was born: Amanda Dreamhunter. You must know that Amanda is Aitor and Carmen, a team of two. We are also a couple.


Before Olivia, our first daughter, landed in our hearts ♥♥ everything was fast, coffee every day all the time, take-away food and compulsive work. All changed in 2015 when she turned us into full-time parents, and it didn’t end there, as in 2018 the life blessed us again with our lovely Siena.


Now we are living a slow lifestyle. We have learned how to enjoy small things like sitting on a bench watching the sunset in the winter or making up songs while cooking with the little girls. In the end, we are still the same, just more human and aware of the world around us.


Therefore we have chosen a new direction in life and steady goals for Amanda: Aitor carefully captures all kind of unforgettable moments with his camera while Carmen takes care of the artistic direction and illustration projects that make us vibrate.


The most important facts about us: Carmen loves black tea and Aitor, a good Cappuccino; we would never say no to a homemade piece of cake; we discovered that the butter biscuits with sea salt, the Lindt Grand Plaisir chocolates and Netflix are addictive; Olivia was born the week 40+0 and Siena in the 39+6; Link (15 years old), is a tricoloured Border Collie, white, black and fire while Happy (12), is black and white; and Ursula (10), is a little tricoloured cat we rescued from the streets and never left home.