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Who is Amanda?

Amanda Dreamhunter is our creative studio, a team of two: Aitor Aranda, a late vocation photographer and Carmen Córder, an early passionate designer. → (Continue reading more about us)


Based in the sunny coastal city of Castellón (Spain), we cover any kind of unforgettable life moments with our photography sessions: Blossom captures children’s innocence and charming family time while in the Engaged & Nuptial sessions we portray those magical and accomplices couple glances.


Amanda is an adventurer

We have enjoyed discovering love stories around the world like Marta & Pablo’s in Paris (France) or Vanessa & Victor’s in Würzburg (Northern Bavaria, Germany) and as we want to continue doing it, we have established the vibrant city of Berlin as our second headquarter.


We travel from time to time to cover sessions abroad and for this reason, we like to plan ahead: we had a wedding in Austria, some amazing corporate project coverages in Berlin in late 2020 as well as an incredible experience in Naples capturing a beautiful couple in September 2021, to name a few.


Does this sound like you?

Do you have a lovely family and want to immortalize this moment of your lives? Are you in love and living abroad? Are you based in Berlin and want a photography session? Write to us and let’s meet each other.


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Amanda is a businesswoman

We understand the impact that our careers and projects have in our lives, in a way, they are also part of those unforgettable moments we have mentioned.


Therefore we also have room for small audiovisuals commissions or photography coverage of companies events (e.g. establishment openings, startup party, etc.).


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